Mysterious light

Mycena sp.
Fungus sp.

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I watched several kinds emission of light-related mushrooms in main island of Okinawa. The kind did not understand only this mushroom. This mushroom seeming to be Star light fungus
(a tentative name) according to the diary of the person who showed me this mushroom. Because it is the kind that is not yet mentioned formally, the name of this mushroom is assumed a tentative name.

The identification of the mushroom is very difficult. By my knowledge of mushroom, I hesitate about gathering them to be edible.

I was not able to understand this emission of light well. But light becomes strong and weak by temperature. I think that the enzyme and the resolution material when the mushroom resolves the decayed wood are luminiferous. What does it glitter for the purpose of ? Or was the material which it created a light-emitting material by chance ? It is interesting as for what.


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On the black

Leptopoma nitidum
Mud snail sp.
Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

A color to shine in in jet black.

There are easily no a kind of as beautiful as this terrestrial shellfishes. Especially, externals that the green drove. Purple of body. However, I am surprised to say that even this green is not a color of “Husk”  but a color of an inside body.

Leptopoma nitidum
Mud snail sp.
Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

It is a cap of the shellfish which is around of its waist. Cap it when the body is stored by this is a difference with so-called “Snail”. It is likely to be able to understand so that it is a companion near the mud snail.

They do not hold the body out in the daytime. Therefore it is night if I take a photograph. However, their light color whitens when I use flash. And they stay in the husk immediately because they are very naive when I light it up with a light.

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Azolla japonica
English name is not known.

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I thought seeing this, and spreading beautifully. It seemed to have spread the snow crystal.

Stages of growth were good and it was wide as carpet just.

It was used to strongly attract me and took it.

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Death of roommate

Salticidae …sp
Jumping spider sp.

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


My roommate died. He was a small roommate. I think that he have come from Tokyo, maybe.

I think that the chance of distribution expansion enters into person’s baggage for him.
However, Sapporo was not the environment which he hope. (It was too cold…)

The roommate did his best to live. He hunted few insects. He crept in in the warm place. He spent winter and would want to breed in spring.

He collapsed and was dead under “me”. I was  not desperately attached to the life too much…

He should have lived than me.

I’m sorry…


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Monotropastrum humile
Corpse plant

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

A plant, the Monotropastrum humile which do not have chlorophyl. It does not make nourishment with chlorophyl and it absorbs nourishment from a rotten thing and is brought up.

白く不気味な外見のため、英語では”Corpse plant”(死体草)と呼ばれる。
It is called “Corpse plant” in the English for white, weird appearance.

また、別名を”Indian Pipe”という。”Indian”は、コロンブスの勘違いからネイティブアメリカンを「インドの人」と呼んだことに発する。直接の意味としては問題ないと思うのだが、過去にこの”Indian”を差別的に使われた歴史があり、”Indian pipe”をこのネット上に書くかどうかで少し悩んだ。
And the another name is called “Indian Pipe”. It originates in Columbus’s calling Native American by the misunderstanding “Person in India” , saying that “Indian”. There was a history that had used this “Indian” in the past by discrimination ,as a meaning though it was no problem for a direct meaning… I worried a little whether I wrote “Indian pipe” on this internet.

However, I thought whether the meaning of “Indian” in itself did not have the problem and decided to make it a topic. There were indigenous people called “Ainu” in Hokkaido in Japan. As for “Ainu”, “a person” means by Ainu. However, there was the time when it was used “Ainu” for a discriminatory meaning in Japan as well as U.S.A. That is why “Ainu” tended to refrain from use as discrimination word at one time. However, in late years “Ainu” comes to be employed normally. .

In late years there is it for movement to change its name from the Japanese name that used discriminatory expression for in Ichthyological Society and Entomological Society. Because the policy that we will not use “the words to express a physical disability”. However, for the person working for a creature, the rename of many creatures course confusion.

学会によっても動きは違うのですが、アホウドリやブラーミニメクラヘビなども和名が変わる日が来るのだろうか。”Indian Pipe”は変な意識なく使うことができる日は来るのだろうか。
Will the day that I can spend without being conscious of words called “Indian pipe” come?

When I walk about in search of a snake, I find “Corpse plant” well. Flowers always turned to the diagonal bottom, and I missed the charm point so far. The inside of the flower of “Corpse plant” is a color surprised at.

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Heteropoda venatoria
Brown Huntsman Spider

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


It is one of the weak point conquest series. Since “Like Black_Kite’s head centipede” which I introduced before.

I am weak in the creature having a leg more than six of them basically. I am weak in the spider, too. However, I came to observe “Jumping spider” recently and noticed that recognition that “I was weak in the spider whole” was wrong. However, Brown Huntsman Spider is very big. There is size of a palm. And he is very quick. I heard “He has weakened poison”, but it seems to be denied about the toxicity for the human being when I examine it on the Internet some other time.

I am weak with many legs and the quick creature. However, then I never notice unexpected charm as the subject.

I met Brown Huntsman Spider in the alley on a certain night. Because he was not active, I challenged taking a picture by the macro boldly sitting down. I set up the camera in tripod, and after the diagonal, did lighting from the furnace with the LED flashlight because I wanted to take the photograph where the length of his leg was understood though was the desire, “It was likely to make desperate efforts his being surprised when the flash was burnt from the front”. This became a little interesting photograph. As for me, overcoming cannot have done him. However, I was able to leave the record fought against him.

残す苦手は、 ゴキブリとフナムシです。今年は勝負できるでしょうか…。
My weak point to leave is a cockroach and a sea louse. Can I fight this year…?

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Mont Blanc

Stemonitis sp.
A kind of Myxomycete (Slime mould).

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

Myxomycete. It is not a fungi. It is not bacteria. When I look, it does not move at all, but it is not a plant. But it is not an animal.

Myxomycete sows a spore like a fungi and increases and is in condition that it seems to be an amoeba from a spore and moves. And it eats a microbe.
When it comes to the place where environment was suitable for, it seems to become a mushroom and makes a spore. A very mysterious creature. Myxomycete. This seems to be small Mont Blanc of around 5mm.





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Aegista vulgivaga
English name is unknown.

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

In childhood, I was calling a snail seen on the leaf of the hydrangea “Katatsumuri” In the stone wall be sharpened long and slender, and black body, and had line on shell… All any snails were called “Katatsumuri”. I came to be absorbed in a snake and knew Iwasaki’s slug snake which ate only a snail.

There were various kinds to the thing which I called “Katatsumuri” and knew that it was the companion of “the shellfish”.

Iwasaki’s slug snake doesn’t eat the one with the lid, and it eats snails without the lid. It is not good eating “Sinistrorse snail”, but he eats “Dextrorse snail” easily. Because it is inferior in locomotiveness, the snail of the special product produces snail in the island. When I went to Tobi-shima Island of Yamagata, I was pleased to Tobi-shima snail (Euhadra grata tobishimae) of island special product subspecies.

When I moved to Ome and was pleased to find “Mountain shell slug“, information of “Companion of snail where hair grows”(My longed-for snail) entered. A habitation place is a place of three minutes on foot how from the home. There was “Large snail where hair grows” (Aegista vulgivaga) when it searched deliberately for the part where the soil on Stone-wall was exposed. It shuts itself up on the shell and does not come out, but, as for the figure, the shell is flat, and the hair which is not firm grows thick in the edge. What mysterious snail you are! I wanted you for the body of snail to come out early. It was 30 minutes that waited expecting it. Then, it has finally gone out, however, it doesn’t exist as you can come out with excrement. The body was a common snail. I was proud that such a wonderful mysterious snail lived close.

I want to chase snails for a while, but it is hard to examine a kind from now on. The kind that is not yet known strongly feels that I am close a lot unexpectedly.

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Wild blessing

Actinidia arguta
Bower actinidia

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

Snake’s log で植物を扱うのは初めてですね。綺麗なもの、自分が関心を引いたものはいろいろ撮ってみたいので、今回アップすることになりました。
It is the first time that I introduce a plant in “Snake ‘s log”. Because I wanted to take a beautiful thing and a thing to be interested in, I decided to update this log at this time.

“Bower actinidia” (Actinidia arguta) is called “Saru-nashi” in Japan and is called “Kokuwa”, too. I knew only how of “Kokuwa” to call. “Kokuwa” is chiefly in Hokkaido like the alias. Etymologically of “Saru-nashi”, there is an opinion called the fruit which seems to be the pear which a monkey eats willingly. (It is called “Kutci-punkar” in Ainu. ) “Saru-nashi”‘s japanese mean is “Monkey-pear”. However, “Salnashi” is a small kiwi rather than the companion of the pear. As for “Salnashi”, the hair does not grow on the surface.
However, it is understood that “Salnashi” is kiwi’s companion when eating.

キウイは、サルナシの仲間のシナサルナシを品種改良したもので、英名もKiwi berryです。この季節だけ味わえる、野生界からの恵みですね。
A kiwi is the thing which did selective breeding of “Kiwi berry” (Actinidia chinensis)(Japanese name: Chinese sarunashi) of the companion of the “Sarunashi”. It is a blessing from the wild world to be able to taste only in this season.

“Autumn tint” advances at a dash in the autumn of Hokkaido. The leaf of Kiwi berry grow yellows, and the stalk reddens. “Yama-budou”(Japanese mean: Mountain grape) (Vitis coignetiae) that has grown to be near is red and “Itaya-kaede”(Japanese mean: Maple for wood house) (Acer mono) is still green. The blue of sky, the black of the soil, and the white of cloud … It transmogrifies it to the world of silvery white when doing in another January though it is a very vivid season.

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Scolopendra subspinipes
English name is unknown

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I am afraid of the centipede. The centipede holds poison and makes a mysterious move with a certain foot a lot. While there is it by the appearance that seems to be firm, the centipede moves flexibly. The centipede goes on the house of the person rudely…. I am weak in a centipede for such a reason. The chance of the centipede to take the photograph quickly is few, and I do not have the courage faced the centipede either.
But I overcame weak point awareness for the centipede someday and wanted to understand the habits properly. And the chance appeared suddenly. The centipede has weakened on the road. He was able hardly to move. By chance, I also had the camera equipped with macro-lens. I was not able to miss this chance. I turned in front of  centipede, approached as much as possible, and saw. I was able to see its chin (one like the fang) with the poison of the centipede. While I took photographs it, shouting in the mind that “Do not begin to move suddenly!”.

As a result, the creature called the centipede was an interesting subject for me. As for the centipede, the eyes are round unexpectedly. His face is hard to be said to be pretty, but there may be few fearful images. In addition, the centipede has the thing which is common with the snake with a long creature. If I can fix a camera, I change F-number and can take a different photograph of the depth. As for the photograph which changed F-number, an impression changed completely and was interesting.

I got interest to some centipedes by having taken this photograph and had an opportunity to examine it. But I was not able to take it cutely even if I took a centipede no matter how much. After all will not I come out for a latent sense of fear well? I have released weakening Tobi-zu-mukade in the grassy place of shade. Although I was fear the centipede, but having left as it was unbearable for me.

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