Monotropastrum humile
Corpse plant

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

A plant, the Monotropastrum humile which do not have chlorophyl. It does not make nourishment with chlorophyl and it absorbs nourishment from a rotten thing and is brought up.

白く不気味な外見のため、英語では”Corpse plant”(死体草)と呼ばれる。
It is called “Corpse plant” in the English for white, weird appearance.

また、別名を”Indian Pipe”という。”Indian”は、コロンブスの勘違いからネイティブアメリカンを「インドの人」と呼んだことに発する。直接の意味としては問題ないと思うのだが、過去にこの”Indian”を差別的に使われた歴史があり、”Indian pipe”をこのネット上に書くかどうかで少し悩んだ。
And the another name is called “Indian Pipe”. It originates in Columbus’s calling Native American by the misunderstanding “Person in India” , saying that “Indian”. There was a history that had used this “Indian” in the past by discrimination ,as a meaning though it was no problem for a direct meaning… I worried a little whether I wrote “Indian pipe” on this internet.

However, I thought whether the meaning of “Indian” in itself did not have the problem and decided to make it a topic. There were indigenous people called “Ainu” in Hokkaido in Japan. As for “Ainu”, “a person” means by Ainu. However, there was the time when it was used “Ainu” for a discriminatory meaning in Japan as well as U.S.A. That is why “Ainu” tended to refrain from use as discrimination word at one time. However, in late years “Ainu” comes to be employed normally. .

In late years there is it for movement to change its name from the Japanese name that used discriminatory expression for in Ichthyological Society and Entomological Society. Because the policy that we will not use “the words to express a physical disability”. However, for the person working for a creature, the rename of many creatures course confusion.

学会によっても動きは違うのですが、アホウドリやブラーミニメクラヘビなども和名が変わる日が来るのだろうか。”Indian Pipe”は変な意識なく使うことができる日は来るのだろうか。
Will the day that I can spend without being conscious of words called “Indian pipe” come?

When I walk about in search of a snake, I find “Corpse plant” well. Flowers always turned to the diagonal bottom, and I missed the charm point so far. The inside of the flower of “Corpse plant” is a color surprised at.

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