Wild blessing

Actinidia arguta
Bower actinidia

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

Snake’s log で植物を扱うのは初めてですね。綺麗なもの、自分が関心を引いたものはいろいろ撮ってみたいので、今回アップすることになりました。
It is the first time that I introduce a plant in “Snake ‘s log”. Because I wanted to take a beautiful thing and a thing to be interested in, I decided to update this log at this time.

“Bower actinidia” (Actinidia arguta) is called “Saru-nashi” in Japan and is called “Kokuwa”, too. I knew only how of “Kokuwa” to call. “Kokuwa” is chiefly in Hokkaido like the alias. Etymologically of “Saru-nashi”, there is an opinion called the fruit which seems to be the pear which a monkey eats willingly. (It is called “Kutci-punkar” in Ainu. ) “Saru-nashi”‘s japanese mean is “Monkey-pear”. However, “Salnashi” is a small kiwi rather than the companion of the pear. As for “Salnashi”, the hair does not grow on the surface.
However, it is understood that “Salnashi” is kiwi’s companion when eating.

キウイは、サルナシの仲間のシナサルナシを品種改良したもので、英名もKiwi berryです。この季節だけ味わえる、野生界からの恵みですね。
A kiwi is the thing which did selective breeding of “Kiwi berry” (Actinidia chinensis)(Japanese name: Chinese sarunashi) of the companion of the “Sarunashi”. It is a blessing from the wild world to be able to taste only in this season.

“Autumn tint” advances at a dash in the autumn of Hokkaido. The leaf of Kiwi berry grow yellows, and the stalk reddens. “Yama-budou”(Japanese mean: Mountain grape) (Vitis coignetiae) that has grown to be near is red and “Itaya-kaede”(Japanese mean: Maple for wood house) (Acer mono) is still green. The blue of sky, the black of the soil, and the white of cloud … It transmogrifies it to the world of silvery white when doing in another January though it is a very vivid season.

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