Rana pirica
Ezo brown frog

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

It is winter from now on in a season, but spring becomes impatient for me. In the early spring of Hokkaido, Butterbur sprout (Petasites spp.) grows, and Pheasant’s-eye (Adonis ramosa) flowers, and Ezo brown frog (Rana pirrica) and Ezo salamander (Hynobius retardatus) begin to lay eggs. Still this season, because the open surface of the water repeat itself “freezes and melt”, the egg of Ezo brown frog receives damage. (It becomes the wrinkle and explode.) Moreover, because the egg of just layed of the Ezo brown frog has not absorbed water yet, grain is small, and an appearance is bad.

The egg in this photograph is absorbed water, does not receive damage, and shines with.
Because this pond is not frozen by an inflow of the hot spring water, clustered eggs grow up in a good state.

However, the egg of Ezo brown frog doesn’t die in having crumpled for a moment. It is likely to have come it to be possible to correspond while living in a severe climate condition.

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