Scolopendra subspinipes
English name is unknown

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I am afraid of the centipede. The centipede holds poison and makes a mysterious move with a certain foot a lot. While there is it by the appearance that seems to be firm, the centipede moves flexibly. The centipede goes on the house of the person rudely…. I am weak in a centipede for such a reason. The chance of the centipede to take the photograph quickly is few, and I do not have the courage faced the centipede either.
But I overcame weak point awareness for the centipede someday and wanted to understand the habits properly. And the chance appeared suddenly. The centipede has weakened on the road. He was able hardly to move. By chance, I also had the camera equipped with macro-lens. I was not able to miss this chance. I turned in front of  centipede, approached as much as possible, and saw. I was able to see its chin (one like the fang) with the poison of the centipede. While I took photographs it, shouting in the mind that “Do not begin to move suddenly!”.

As a result, the creature called the centipede was an interesting subject for me. As for the centipede, the eyes are round unexpectedly. His face is hard to be said to be pretty, but there may be few fearful images. In addition, the centipede has the thing which is common with the snake with a long creature. If I can fix a camera, I change F-number and can take a different photograph of the depth. As for the photograph which changed F-number, an impression changed completely and was interesting.

I got interest to some centipedes by having taken this photograph and had an opportunity to examine it. But I was not able to take it cutely even if I took a centipede no matter how much. After all will not I come out for a latent sense of fear well? I have released weakening Tobi-zu-mukade in the grassy place of shade. Although I was fear the centipede, but having left as it was unbearable for me.

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