Fruit fly

Proanoplomus japonicus
English name is unknown

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I did not think that I was fly’s companion when this insect was seen for the first time. The angle of this fly’s wing is amusing, and patterns beautiful. But I saw a face like a fly when I took it carefully. We have the image “The fly is dirty and unpleasant”. However, there are quite a lot of kinds, and a very beautiful group such as this fruit fly’s companions and Long-legged fly’s companions exists with fly’s companion, too.

The fruit fly lays an egg to a plant and damages fruit or a leaf. Therefore it tends to be known to us as an agriculture harmful insect. Dozens of minutes when Mitsu-boshi-ha-madara-mi-bae flew away later, the leaf which it was carried on withered up. I expected it whether “This fly was a kind having the larva of the type to go into the leaf ? “.

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