Suitable distance

Phoca vitulina
Common seal

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


It is near. This photograph is Common seal (Phoca vitulina). This Common seal hardly fears the person. This Common seal caused trouble at the beginning on July, 2007. This case was the one of having made this Common seal owe the injury scratching and biting the person. I concealed the name of a place of which I took a picture this Common seal. The content of the news was very shocked. This seal seemed to be kicked by the foot, to be stepped over, and to have beaten with the stick by a few people who had come to observe this Common seal.

To begin with, it is not a thing good compared with wild animals that I also take the photograph by this distance. This case happens with wild animals and the person some time without a suitable distance. It is a chance that can see the seal for the person who doesn’t have wild animals and contact in this distance usually further. It wants inadvertently to touch and I also understand becoming it feelings a little. However, it seems to be thought that the person who doesn’t have wild animals and contact is a person that this seal doesn’t have the change with the dog and the cat. It would be the case that happened in what the people were going to be involved in with a wild animal willingly.

Why may not this seal have suitable distance with a person? There was the rumor that this seal was protected in the past by a human being, and become accustomed a human. A human being must have suitable distance if so. Still, do you kick a sleeping creature? Do you swat it with a stick? It may be that group psychology, an excitement state, various reasons occurred at the same time, but the animal cannot understand a reason. I think that it should reflect. Including me.

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