Sober existence

Meles meles
Eurasian badger

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


The Japanese does not know badger (Meles meles) very much. It is said to be a badger “Mujina” appearing in the Japanese old tale well. The eurasian badger resembles a raccoon-dog closely in an appearance. It is likely to be recognized as a raccoon-dog though unexpected and the appearance are seen. The eurasian badger is called “Ana-guma” in japan. Japanese mean is bear that digs up hole. It might be thought bear’s companion by many Japanese.

However, the badger is weasel’s companion. The eurasian badger was short and thick, but there was the part that was common with Japanese marten (Meles meles) when I saw the movement of the eurasian badger well. The basic movement is totally different with a badger and the weasel, but the movement of the waist when a badger runs sometimes thinks that it seems to be a weasel.

It is pleasant that I introduce it to only a minor creature. 🙂

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