Zootoca vivipara
Viviparous lizard

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

My taking a picture purpose of this year in Hokkaido was to have taken a picture of Viviparous lizard (Zootoca vivipara). Hokkaido is the place where the other creatures are comparatively good for because they are easy to take it for me. She is a valuable creature in Japan inhabiting only the limited northern part of Hokkaido in Japan. However, she is a common lizard distributed over the European whole area and Sakhalin, the Siberia widely worldwide.

She inhabits the Arctic Circle. Therefore, she produces “a baby” without laying “an egg”. I think that there is the reason why she produces “a baby” in various ways, but an egg does not hatch by cold and cannot protect the body from a foreign enemy in the state of the egg, …I think.

Viviparous lizard seemed to live in the “Sarobetsu uncultivated field” a lot before, and to have been observed easily. However, it was set up at the position where the tree road was high again because there was a person who did not have manners that it sets foot on wetlands from the tree road in the uncultivated field. Therefore, the appearance (going up of Viviparous lizard to the tree road and sunbathing) seems not to have been seen easily by us.

I was able to take it this year though Viviparous lizard was always black, it reflected by a white reflection of the tree road, and the failure photograph was descended repeatedly though I held out and went to take the photograph. It is a favor of the digital camera to understand the taking a picture result soon. Viviparous lizard might be able to be seen slowly when going to see around 4 o’clock where the sun begins to rise though took a picture in July because movement was considerably quick already at 6 o’clock. The photograph is a moment from which it approaches too much, and it runs away. There is exactly “Turn”.

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