Light effect

Actias artemis aliena
Emperor moth

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

Emperor moth(Actias artemis aliena) is a large-scale, very beautiful color moth. It is an insect that has the magical charm to which is dressed very much momentarily at the time of saw the appearance. In the moth thought that Emperor moth is comparatively usual, it is possible to see also with the wall etc. of a public lavatory in the mountain. However, Enperor moth does not readily settle on the beautiful place. The discolored color shows it for some reason, besides, when I watch Enperor moth in the day. Oneself cannot convey beauty to feel on the spot even if I just take a photograph.

I had a hard time whether I cannot express this photograph well. Because I hardly moved for a subject, I would photograph it for a while and studied the photograph.

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