Round eyes

Carrhotus xanthogramma
English name is unknown

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


One of my weak-point is spider. There is not appearing so as to say that I dislike a spider, but it is the existence that is hard to approach it. I am not good at creature that has over six feet of design. (especially, quick crectures…) Therefore, do I like snakes? Because the snake’s foot is 0…

For about two months, the jumping spider what’s japanese named Misuji-hae-tori (Mean:Three lined jumping spider) (Plexippus setipes) began to live in my house. In jumping spider’s species, most is less than 1cm in the size. And, they splash hopping. Misuji-hae-tori of my home runs after and turns the mouse pointer on the display in my computer surroundings. (It might be thought that it is insect. )

The jumping spider seems to be small, and to have the charm also by movement quite different from a big spider and the face. It is a ceature interesting when often observing it. This photograph is Neko-hae-tori (Carrhotus xanthogramma). When I was taking a picture in the outdoors, I found her, and my eyes and her eyes were matched.

There are four eyes when often seeing though her eyes are lovely round eyes. In saltigrade (Jumping spider), there was the thing which had various expressions, but this Neko-haetori was particular prettiness. She got tired after a while or became scary? She moved the mandible (place like the beard), and seemed to complain. And, it romped about soon in the jungle of the leaf and it left. For my photography, thank you for acquaintance!

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