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Common kingfisher

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I was walking in the park. The common kingfisher barked, and perched in the branch , at that time. The common kingfisher likes place where the prospect is effective. I became glad, and took the common kingfisher’s photograph. As for the photograph, the moment when it flew away by chance was taken. As for me, it is few to take the bird usually. I had not used the function of consecutive taking a picture, and it was not the thing which ability of camera in itself was suitable for to photograph a moment. However, I was glad because I pressed the shutter once, and this photograph came out.

However, when this photograph is seen well, the branch is unnatural. The branch that cuts in the position in which the photograph is taken easily the branch ahead and processed it projects to the place where the common kingfisher seems to like it at the angle that the common kingfisher seems to like. The leaf is completely, and moreover, it is not, and there is no something that cuts off the view.

It might be of someone’s “Effort”. It is not understood how I may evaluate this “Effort” to me. A valuable photograph might be taken thanks to “Effort”. The living thing might be jeopardized because of “Effort”.

However, I hate “Effort” as it has a big influence on the life of the animal. By this “Effort”,the common kingfisher was able to obtain a favorite one place and I also take one beautiful photograph. I am slightly complex feelings…

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