Nose Hair

Cygnus cygnus
Whooper Swan

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)
*CANON EOS 1000*


There seem to be up to the bird me by the expression and not be mammal. The reason for the beak is that movement is limited. It might be difficult for the bird to express threat, and to express pleasure. However, I think that bird’s expression in “Movement” is variegated. The bird seems to do the expression that exceeds the mammal at “Movement”.

I laugh obediently when the expression unexpectedly attaches to birds who do not have such an expression.

偶然ですが、このオオハクチョウ(Cygnus cygnus)には「もさもさ」に鼻毛が生えている。古典的な「お笑い」手法だけど、見つけたときは笑いをこらえるのが大変だった。
This Whooper Swan(Cygnus cygnus) had nose hair, unexpectedly. When he was found, it was serious to endure laughing me.

Was this Whooper Swan able to take this nose hair later neatly? 🙂

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