Last part

The place that can watch a seal is very far from the place where I undergo medical treatment. I thought about physical condition and avoided the lodging and faced observation in a day. However, it is toilsome to go and return in one day to me.
Of the seal while photographed it, after all I was very cold.
The pains of my body increase by cold, too. However, I liked claspers with the marine mammal very much, and it was softened because I was absorbed in those photography because I was various. By the latter half of this trip, I was able to watch Rough-legged Hawk and Common Redpoll, too. I met a crowd more than 200, and I was able to enjoy the seal, too. However, I was not able to go out of the considerable fatigue and burden for three days after having returned to the stop.

Spotted Seal






Yezo shika deer.

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