Phoca largha
Spotted Seal

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

私がカメラを構えるときは、少なからず緊張している。撮られる動物も、緊張している事が多い。ゆったりした姿の写真を撮りたいから、これはちょっと悲しいかな。しかし、この個体は極寒の海で 、私一人が緊張しているのをよそに、海に浮いていた。
When I hold a camera, I am tense a little. It is often that the taken animal is tense. Because I want to take the photograph of a relaxed figure of the animal, this is slightly sad for me. This individual was floating in the coldest sea. On the other hand, only I felt nervous in the coldest coast.

I observed the other individuals, but, unlike making itself at home somehow or other on land, the relaxation when there is it openwater seems to be time doing a pose to push out a nose somehow or other for the sky. When it loses a glance and watches me, Spotted Seal (Phoca largha) without the feeling of strain usually, the strain of instant feels. This individual pushed out a nose and, without watching me, just crept from the back to the sea.

The mustache which shined by backlight was very beautiful.

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