Oncorhynchus keta
Chum salmon

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

A creature has “death” by all means. When I was not able to support myself, sooner or later the wild animal dies.

Here and there, there is a corpse like this chum salmon. There is the one to die without disappearing like Ezo shika deer, and standing out, too. The corpse is picked at by a crow, and I am nudged by a gull, and it is eaten up having it built-in by a maggot, and it is dismantled to a microbe, and the bone which stayed last weathers, and it is drained into the river which rose. Should I say, “Natural funeral”?

The human learned that cremation or the burial treated a corpse. However, it came to be performed for a human sense of fear to have possibilities to “revive” and the prevention of the epidemic. The human with the mind theory divinized a funeral service to “send a soul”. On the other hand, dioxin occurred when the human burnt grave goods at the time of cremation. The human opened up a forest to make a grave.



There were too many human beings. The human each one who increased uses various energy and lives. I think that I must be aware of even a little. Gasoline rises and must do even that running cars decreased when the meaning that there is good.

私は何にも野生に貢献していない。私が生きていても、死んでも、環境に負担をかけていく。人間に対しても、「生きていたい」と願う人へ血液や臓器を与えるくらいしか出来ないが、私のは完全品とはいえない。増えすぎた人間に援助を行うことにも疑問も感じ、混乱してきている。援助を行う金銭的な余裕も全くないのだが…。人間の世界にも馴染めず、野生動物にもなれず。私は、何故生きているのだろう。 このサケのように、何故死ねないのだろう。もっと、生きるべきものはたくさんいるだろうに。
As for me, it doesn’t contribute to the wild of what either. It puts a strain in the environment even if I am alive or it dies. Mine can say complete goods though it is possible to do only by giving blood and internal organs to the person who wishes, “It is alive” for man. Why am I alive?It is likely not to be able to die like this chum salmon why. There would be a lot of things to have to live more. I think that there will be a lot of things which should live.

I must live while thinking that “the life” is too luxurious for me.

Even if I die, I want to be Corpse used for some kind of life. Thus my will of the deceased is achieved.

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