Oncorhynchus nerka
“Sockeye salmon” or “Kokanee”
紅鮭(ベニザケ) もしくは 姫鱒(ヒメマス)

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

「RGB」というのをどこかで耳にした方がいると思う。「三原色」というものがある。普通に絵の具などであらわすのは赤、青、黄の三色です。しかし、「光の三原色」というものがある。これは赤、緑、青。英語でRed, Green, Blue。略してRGBだ。昔のブラウン管テレビをとても近くで見ると、映像は赤と青と緑小さな粒で構成されている。今は見るのは少し難しいかな…。デジタルで写真をやっていると、RGBで悩む事がある。これはまた次回以降にでも。
I think that you hear “RGB” somewhere. There is the one “Three primary colors”. It is a red, blue, yellow three colors that usually show with paints etc. However, there is the one “Light’s three primary colors”. This is red, green, and blue. R & G & B. The picture consists of red and blue and a green small grain when I watch old cathode-ray tube television close. Is it slightly difficult to look now…? There is worrying by RGB when I take digital photography. I write this worrying again even after the next time.

今回の対象は真っ赤に染まったベニザケ(Oncorhynchus nerka)のメス!…といいたいところなのだが、非常に大きくなって赤くなるヒメマスもいるので、一概に外見では決定できないようだ。成長の度合いを顕微鏡クラスで確認しないと識別は無理らしい。
This object is female of Sockeye salmon dyed red! …I want to conclude so, but it seems not to be able to decide it by the face because there is Kokanee  that grows very much and reddens, too. If the degree of growth is not confirmed with the microscope, identification seems to be impossible.

In the freshwater fish, the same kind has the type that goes down to the sea and goes up, and the type to spend the life with the fresh water. Sockeye salmon and Kokanee are the same kinds, but Sockeye salmon is male, and a female becomes gigantic together and is dyed with the red of the nuptial coloration. Kokanee is generally small, and most of the females do not redden. The individual in this photograph is 46cm. It is larger than the male of Kokanee in surroundings. It is red though it is a female.

Inherited, it is Sockeye salmon and I think hope in me though I do not understand whether it is Sockeye salmon or Kokanee. Because it is a fish that yearned for me to meet Sockeye salmon.

However, the red flame of the life disappears in this beautiful red soon. Does the next generation aim at the sea?, or remain in the lake?

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