Hyla japonica
Japanese tree frog

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

It is green that it is the most difficult when I am conscious of three primary colors of the light, “RGB”. I adjust an image with an usual monitor, and I make natural green, and an atmosphere changes with the vividness that green is strange when I print it out. It is good, too, but there is it when I want to give original green.

The form that expression color is richer than conventional RGB called “AdobeRGB” comes out recently. (More natural color area appears)
My camera and printer support AdobeRGB. But my monitor does not support. Therefore a photograph near on the eye appears when I print it from a camera directly without using the PC. If the image is adjusted by handling a usual monitor, the printed image becomes a considerably different color. As for the monitor, a thing for AdobeRGB is released recently. I want it very, but even a cheap model is considerably expensive. I cannot buy it for a while.

I wanted to take out the natural green of this photograph. Green of Japanese tree frog , green of rice plant. I want to be leaving it by the image the remainder of such beautiful green in Japan still.

The scene which the Japanese several hundred years ago watched. I want a Japanese several hundred years later to look if possible. I want to hope that the real scene is left eagerly.

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