Green eyes

Gecko smithi
Green eye gecko

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

スミスヤモリ(Gecko smithi)はとても大型のヤモリです。トッケイヤモリ(Gecko gecko)に次ぐ、Gecko属2番目の大きさで、日本に住むヤモリの2倍くらいの大きさがあります。大きさだけでも迫力のあるヤモリですが、何より異様なのは、その目の色。他のヤモリには見られない特徴の緑色の目。闇夜で、何かの役に立つものなのでしょうか?
Smith’s gecko (Gecko smithi) is a very large-sized gecko. He has size of the double of geckos living in Japan with size of the second “Gecko genus” which is next to Tockay gecko (Gecko gecko). He is a gecko with the punch only with size, but it is the eye color to be strange above all. Will the green eyes of the characteristic that is not seen to other geckos be helpful things of anything at a dark night?

If an iris is characteristic, I can do the understanding, but “the ability to see” cannot understand the green sclera which I am not related to directly. I cannot understand the evolution of the creature only in reason.

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Varanus varius
Lace Monitor

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)
*CANON EOS 1000*


I was able to take a picture of the race monitor by 400mm. I did not think that I used 400mm for a big creature to take a picture. Height where he is about 20meters. He climbed it very hard.

He does at the risk of one’s life though he makes to seeming pleasant. If he falls, it is done at the risk of one’s life as me…

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