Crystal ball

Rana tagoi tagoi
Tago’s brown frog

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


Tago’s brown frog (Rana tagoi tagoi) is croaking “Gu-gu” in a craggy place of water that permeates and went out. Because the Tago’s brown frog is always croaking in such a place, the appearance to croak quite cannot be seen. I want to see the appearance of croaking frog, and removing the stone of a craggy place. However, there was the place that Tago’s brown forg laid eggs.

It is white in her egg. After it hatches, they are white for a while. Moreover, they don’t eat food until becoming a frog after it hatches at all. It is a mysterious frog. The egg batch shines contrarily by the shade like the crystal ball with a sober face of parents frogs.

I returned based on the rock and left. The frog began also to croak after a while.

The chytridiomycosis finally occurred in Japan. The emergency declaration has gone out.

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