Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Eurasian Bullfinch

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I think that there are a lot of people who know chameleon’s eyes move separately in the right and the left. They seem to be having surroundings can watched by separately sending the brain the scenery of the right eye and the scenery of the left eye. Human watches one thing with the eyes of right and left. Human understands three-dimensional structure in a brain and can measure distance with the object hereby. On the other hand, a field of vision becomes very small. You will close one eye so that you watch a thing in the viewpoint of the chameleon. The distance feeling cannot be gripped even if it tries to grip the suitable one in the state, and I think that it cannot act well.

I am noticed it is significant respectively when thinking about the place in which the animal has eyes. There is a bird called Eurasian Woodcock, but the eyes of this bird stick to the terrible place. (The one of the top of the head)However, he can get the sky and approximately 360 degrees fields of vision mainly and he is quick and can hide from a predator because here is eyes. Most attaches the bird when I thinking thus and eyes are sideways attached. (Excluding the kind of owl.)

When I take the photograph of the bird, I well tend to be seen in a bird with one eye. However, I sometimes have time to be seen in a bird with two eyes from the front. This will be any kind of thing…

I feel like tending to be seen in the front when I got together near to take a photograph. I made Eurasian Bullfinch of the photograph distance, and it was around 3m. Does not Eurasian Bullfinchg want to leave the place desperately to eat flowering sprout? Does not Eurasian Bullfinchg fly in what a person is tame with? I did not understand either, but Eurasian Bullfinchg did not readily move.

When a bird turned to the front, I thought that a bird might measure distance with the object. In other words the bird could watch scenery in right and left, and I thought whether bird was the animal which it watched an object with both eyes if necessary, and cut it in stereoscopic vision. Because I do not examine it, I don’t understand that I know a lot, but it is the impression that I take a photograph, and I felt.

Grey Heron and Bush tit, this Eurasian Bullfinch, the reason is because they tended I to be glared because I get together near so far. I think and think that “What the bird views from the front” = “Approach to the bird too much of me” to take their eyes off it at distance if a bird comes to turn to the front when I will take a photograph in future…

The animal which is a predator tends to watch an object like Ezo red foxand Ezo raccoon Dog from the front. After all will the reason be because it is important to measure distance with the catch?

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