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Common Kingfisher

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

The final chapter of RGB is blue. Blue is nature’s color to be able to see you very well. Sea, lake, and the sky… I think that there is blue in the basis of the environment that brings up the creature.

I want to take a photograph with blue reptiles slowly, but cannot readily meet blue reptiles just as wanted. Japanese ratsnake in East-Hokkaido of the vivid light blue type is very beautiful.
However, it is light blue, but not blue. Metallic blue of tail of infant of Japanese five-lined skink. How if that is a color of the whole body though this is also very beautiful? It is likely not to like it so much for me.

I want to come across blue reptiles. The blue that seems to be Big blue parrotfish if it is a fish. The blue that seems to be Blue-and-White Flycatcher if it is a bird. In fact, there can be the thing that I came across the reptiles which were near to it once. Blue of Banded amphibious sea snake swimming in the night sea where I came across in Iriomote Island. The beautiful blue that was lighted up in a moonlit night. Though I should have been able to do it to a photograph for that memory…. I think so. I say only of reptiles and am rude to Common Kingfisher of this photograph. (^^;

We can meet near ourselves blue of this Common Kingfisher to be very beautiful blue, I think. The beautiful blue that anyone can get close to. The blue that I can enjoy throughout the year. It is shocking blue that strongly remains in the impression if entering the corner of view.

I come to want to avoid taking it because Common Kingfisher is popular among everyone as subject in the photograph. However, I take it carelessly when there is a Common Kingfisher.

That blue sparkles in the environment of the dark color of the winter.

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