Lycodon ruhstrati maltifasciatus
White banded wolf snake

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)
*CANON EOS 1000*


It is White banded wolf snake which the snake of a photograph became as for the thing of my nickname “Baikada”. I took a photograph at noon, but it is originally a nocturnal snake.

He shows up capriciously. And, he is an obstinate snake which only reptiles eat. In his figure, the thickness is a thumb level in the individual that exceeds 1m. And, he is sober. I am having a sense of closeness variously. I am also obstinate, and it is long, and sober becoming thin. Therefore, I got nickname “Baikada”. The meaning of Japanese of “Baikada” is a snake like plum blossoms. It seems not to be thinner than White banded wolf snake though he has a kind near China and Taiwan.

He is a little aggressive. I think that he gets bite immediately, but it to tend to run around without threatening it too much. Because he stops the threat posture soon, I cannot slowly take the photograph. In addition, he moves well. And he is very long though he is thin. May it be to be a snake of the type that it is hard to take to a photograph? It is taken small, and the image that I want to take doesn’t come out because it is long and slender even if his whole image is taken. The charm is not told easily even if he is improved and it takes a picture. Furthermore, he is not readily a snake to be able to come across. A good photograph is not left at my hand when I notice.

I still more of him (of myself?). I want to go to visit a habitat to draw charm to photograph it slowly and carefully.

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