Callosciurus erythraeus thaiwanensis
Taiwan squirrel

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

It writes concisely because it is likely to become a confusing post possibly.

A naturalized species. These are threats for wild animals of Japan. Japan makes a law about the naturalized species. The law is aimed at new naturalized species not increasing.

The Taiwan squirrel is a naturalized species in Japan, too. But my chest is tightened when I watch such a figure. A child squirrel clings to a parent squirrel, but the parent squirrel is already dead. For 30 minutes, two child squirrels were not going to be separated from a parent squirrel after this. The child squirrel shuddered with the car which came and went many times.

“The naturalized species” has it of two kinds. One is a creature that invades in their intentions. Another is a creature that man brought. Even if there is not a human being as for the creature which invaded for one’s intention, they will enlarge distribution sometime soon. The creature which a human being brought tended to cause a problem, but would not cause a problem when there was not even a human being.

The extermination of the naturalized species. The extermination is strongly demanded. I think that there are many animals which I should get rid of.
But they have life. It is to take life to get rid. It is that somebody takes life.

I left the place for a while after I discovered a corpse, and I took several pieces photographs, and having felt gloomy. When I came back, there was not the child squirrel anymore. I left the corpse of the parent squirrel in the grassland of the road edge.

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