Aegista vulgivaga
English name is unknown.

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

In childhood, I was calling a snail seen on the leaf of the hydrangea “Katatsumuri” In the stone wall be sharpened long and slender, and black body, and had line on shell… All any snails were called “Katatsumuri”. I came to be absorbed in a snake and knew Iwasaki’s slug snake which ate only a snail.

There were various kinds to the thing which I called “Katatsumuri” and knew that it was the companion of “the shellfish”.

Iwasaki’s slug snake doesn’t eat the one with the lid, and it eats snails without the lid. It is not good eating “Sinistrorse snail”, but he eats “Dextrorse snail” easily. Because it is inferior in locomotiveness, the snail of the special product produces snail in the island. When I went to Tobi-shima Island of Yamagata, I was pleased to Tobi-shima snail (Euhadra grata tobishimae) of island special product subspecies.

When I moved to Ome and was pleased to find “Mountain shell slug“, information of “Companion of snail where hair grows”(My longed-for snail) entered. A habitation place is a place of three minutes on foot how from the home. There was “Large snail where hair grows” (Aegista vulgivaga) when it searched deliberately for the part where the soil on Stone-wall was exposed. It shuts itself up on the shell and does not come out, but, as for the figure, the shell is flat, and the hair which is not firm grows thick in the edge. What mysterious snail you are! I wanted you for the body of snail to come out early. It was 30 minutes that waited expecting it. Then, it has finally gone out, however, it doesn’t exist as you can come out with excrement. The body was a common snail. I was proud that such a wonderful mysterious snail lived close.

I want to chase snails for a while, but it is hard to examine a kind from now on. The kind that is not yet known strongly feels that I am close a lot unexpectedly.

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