Bufo japonicus formosus
Eastern-japanese common toad

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I doubt whether in Hokkaido originally though Eastern-japanese common toad (Bufo japonicus formosus) lives in Hokkaido. I do not think that there is Eastern-japanese common toad of Aomori Prefecture in toad of Japan because it is an original north limit of it. (In a word, Eastern-japanese common toad might have been imported to Hokkaido, I think.)

The taking a picture ground of this Eastern-japanese common toad is Mt.Osore-zan (Japanese mean : Mountain of fear). There are shrine maidens from whom here is made to a spiritual sacred ground, and called Itako. Itako is assumed that the soul is borne in the body, and “Kuchi-yose” (Japanese mean : Mouth drawing) in which it can talk about the dead human with living human through Itako is done.

This Eastern-Japanese Common Toad which I came across at this place got the color of the body wet with original red in the rain and it was weird and she moved a mouth and did seem to perform “Kuchi-yose” at all. In fact, I expected it in this way. “She moved a mouth to get rid of sense of incongruity around the mouth in the meal back”

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