Hynobius fossigenus
East Hida salamander

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)



I like ecology photograph in animal’s photograph. One photograph passes on various information to me. (habitat, food, and animal’s characters) However, I also have the animal that cannot take the ecology photograph easily. I think that I don’t take the animal easily, and the salamander is a top class in the animal. (Japanese giant salamander and small salamander’s larvas are exceptions. )

I wanted to take the expression of East Hida-salamander this photograph, put on moss, and taken. I think him lovely very much. However,It is almost and doesn’t get East Hida-salamander in such a place. This photograph is not an ecology photograph.

A small salamander hides around here somewhere from summer to winter. And, a small salamander comes to lay eggs from the early spring to spring in the waterside.
As for us, the chance that the salamander can be observed decreases very much if we are not these egg laying time. The salamander is a shy, delicate living thing.

I want to take the ecology photographs other than the egg laying time some time. However, I think that the photograph where the charm of the living thing is told is good. I will variously take the photograph.

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