Disappearance in Okhotsk

Uria lomvia
Brunnich’s Guillemot

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


The sea of the Okhotsk district is very severe in winter. If the weather becomes unstable, the port is frozen, and the drift ice flocks. And the sea is stormy intensely, too.

Why this Brunnich ‘s Guillemot died is not understood. However, there are some causes of one’s death that should take care.

When the one gains the crude oil which began to flow in the sea to a body and freezes to death without a feather drying. Artificial things are often found, and the marine oil pollution becomes the problem. This individual did not seem to have the adhesion of the oil. In addition, the oil slick, the lump of the oil were not watched in the outskirts either.

Another one in the case of the infection death for the avian flu. It seems that the distinction from appearance is difficult as for this. I was thoughtless and had better avoid that you touched it.

There are various causes for death, but the body disappears all too soon. A crow eats, and a fox eats, and a gull eats. A predator does not understand why this died. However, there is the fear to give the healthy damage to the animal if they eat even if it is oil, and it is a virus.

The virus and oil will be lost if I pick up, pouch the corpse, and it makes it to the incineration disposal. However, it is likely to be going to deprive the environment of a valuable food resource in doing so. And I might also mediate the sickness of something. It did not inform the ministry because it was not a large amount of death either. It is limitless if I begins to think about a lot.

I just put it in the sea after all. The corpse sank with ice while suffering hardship in seawater frozen in the shape of lotus ice and the sherbet of the port.

Disappearance in Okhotsk.


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I did not process too much many photographs, but transformed 1:1 to 5:3.3. Because transformation has been already popular with fisheye conversion, the resistance feels like there not being it too much for me.