Antler fall out

Cervus nippon yesoensis
Yezo Sika-deer

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


There was male Yezo Sika-deer without one of antlers in summer. Was he some accidents? Was there change to a morbid state around his antler?

When knowing for the first time, I was surprised. It is for a male antler of Sika-deer including subspecies Yezo Sika-deer to fall out in the spring of every year. And, it grows again. I did not know that such a big antler molted every year. I picked up teir antlers in the river. And I think, “Is here a graveyard of Yezo Sika-deer?”. However, any skull had not dropped. I was misunderstanding it.

I studied that, and met Yezo Sika-deer without one of antlers. It might have been convinced that his horn had not grown any longer when I was before. However, I was able to be seen in another aspect this time.

“Had his antler grown next year?”

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