Hair ball

Passer montanus
Tree Sparrow

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


Tree sparrow  is familiar for a long time in the face with human in Japan. There is rice farming agriculture in Japan. Tree sparrow eats the rice. It is disliked for the rice farming farmer in Japan, from long ago to now. However, tree sparrow is very familiar existence for the Japanese, and friendly existence. Even the person who doesn’t know bird’s kind knows “Tree sparrow”.

Japan became an economic country, and the rice field decreased considerably now.
However, they have evolved, too. As for them, the center of the city is stout alive as it eats various one such as bread crumbs. They are birds not seen in mountain where the person doesn’t exist.


What life on earth had they done before the human came to Japan? Did they come to Japan with human?Baikada’s main website
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