Carduelis spinus
Eurasian Siskin

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


Spring. There are consecutive holidays that are called Golden Week in Japan.
At that time, Japanese travel here and there. The migratory birds finish passing the winter in spring. And, to breed, the migratory birds head for the north (In case of the northern hemisphere).

This eurasian siskin met me as time where the Japanese moved and migratory bird’s movement time came in succession just. The travel of thousands of kilometers is done twice a year by this body a little 10cm. The rest is sometimes taken on the island etc, because the migratory birds become tired of course. It is great vitality. However, the migratory birds have the danger attacked also by the foreign enemy of the hawk etc, for this period. The migratory birds might mentally become tired.

The eurasian siskin ate Common Dandelion without caring about one’s look in my presence. There is no composure of feelings to which the eurasian siskin flies away, though the eurasian siskin considers me. If it doesn’t surely eat the siskin now, the migratory flight might not be finished. I was known the severity of the migratory flight, again.

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