Martes melampus melampus
Japanese marten

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

Japanese marten is an animal slightly bigger than Japanese weasel. The origin of the name of Japanese marten in the Japanese seems to be “an animal crawling slowly” and a meaning of “a flexible curve”. I roughly think that it is such an animal though Japanese marten is not done slowly.

How of marten running does various hows to run from the length of the body and the short of the leg in the peculiarity, and there is an image as not quick as it dashes either. (It runs a very short distance, it stops, a surrounding appearance is seen, and run again. ) The wariness is more smallish than other animals, and it is the habits of weasels to be seen in around human dwellings.

There are very many kind of the marten that is dying the traffic accident. It is likely to be run over while being not able to recognize the one that approaches at the speed like the car.

When the kind of the marten sees a person in the curiosity being strong, I can approach it. On the other hand, the place that sees a marten is various, because a Japanese marten is a whimsical animal . When I want to take marten and wander, I cannot take it at all. However, it is hard to take it to a photograph because a marten appears when I am not conscious of a marten.

I took this photograph on a way of the Japanese marten. Because I was character such as him, I took it before he is not conscious me.

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