Takydromus amurensis
Amur grass lizard

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

As for photographing it without catching the kind of the lizard, “Tactics” are important. As much as the lizard is in particular a rare kind.

アムールカナヘビ(Takydromus amurensis)は世界的にみるとそれほど珍しい種類ではないのかもしれないですが、日本では長崎県の対馬にだけ住んでいます。ニホンカナヘビより森を好む傾向があるのか、見かける回数は多くありません。
The Amur grass lizard (Takydromus amurensis) may not be a rare kind worldwide. However, they live in only Tsushima island of Nagasaki prefecture in Japan. There is not many number of times that we see them whether you tend to prefer forests to a Japanese grass lizard (Takydromus tachydromoides).

It is a few days that I can stay to take photograph in Tsushima. The Amur grass lizard which I can observe in the meantime is around 10. I must have tactics at lizards over “the safe distance”, if I want to take it to the photograph which I can be satisfied with.

It is a moment that they run away. Even if there is distance with me 5m when I offend them, they escape into the gap.

As for this photograph, I discover him at distance of 10m, and spent 15 minutes, approached up to 1m, and taken. I am neither in a hurry, do not move suddenly, approach slowly by low posture, and approach him gradually. If a person understanding nothing watches this scene, the person will surely think me to be an eccentric.

As for the tactics of this time, I won. 🙂

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