Elaphe quadrivirgata
Japanese four-lined snake

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I like going to Okinawa of the subtropical zone with many kinds of the snake. I like Tokyo where 8-kinds of snakes inhabit. I felt a triviality in only 4-kinds of snakes inhabiting when I was transferred to the Okhotsk district of Hokkaido, before .

But I came to Hokkaido of the cold subarctic zone, and there were a lot of learning it about a snake newly. As for the snake, density high lives around the hot spring where the winter is passed easily in this cold region. Moreover, the native habitat of the animal that becomes snake’s food completely corresponds to snake’s native habitat. Etc.etc…

It is said to be it in Hokkaido 5-kinds of snakes. (We have a record in Oriental odd-tooth snake in Okushiri Island and the Sapporo neighborhood.) When I met 4-kinds of snakes except Oriental odd-tooth snake, they were said the same kind in Tokyo, but the personality that I had an impression different at all was able to really meet the population that there was.

And, my interest has extended from taking snake’s “the kind” picture to snake’s “Individual group” and “Individuality”. I thank Okinawa that can come across a lot of snakes, Tokyo that felt various snakes close and Hokkaido which I may have reminded the new charm of snakes.

I cannot wait for spring in hope of an encounter to them and do post of the photograph of Japanese four-lined snake today. He was a very handsome.

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