Aegithalos caudatus japonicus
Long-tailed Tit

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

Bird’s photograph increases overwhelmingly when the animal of in season of this season is put. I have come to want to take the living thing by using macrolens soon.

By the way, it is this Long-tailed Tit, but is so pretty. If many people watch them close, will think them to be pretty. The another subspecies Long-tailed Tit(Aegithalos caudatus trivirgatus) that lives excluding Hokkaido in Japan, have a black line from the amount part on to back of the head. Long-tailed Tit like the snowman is only Long-tailed Tit of Hokkaido.

エナガは、英語では Long-tailed Tit。「尾の長いカラ」という意味です。日本には、既に尾の長いカラス科のオナガという名前の鳥がいます。柄長というとあまりピンと来ないですが、どうも柄杓(ひしゃく)から名前の由来があるようです。柄杓の柄が長いような形の鳥ということで。
The name of Long-tailed Tit is a meaning of “Long handle” in Japanese. In Japan, there is Azure-winged Magpie of the name of the meaning called “Long tail” to a bird of the Corvidae. It is hard to understand that I say “Long handle”, but please image a ladle.
The ladle is a tool to dip water. It consists of “Long handle” and “Part where water is dipped”. This bird is called “Long handle” from looking like the shape of this “Long handle”.

I want to take a lot of Long-tailed Tit, but it is difficult to take it because they are very small and move. And, Long-tailed Tit thinks it is more cautious than Great Tit(Parus major) and Marsh Tit. I cannot take it quite well.

According to a person, Long-tailed Tit is a dear bird, but, by ecosystem, it is a considerable lower rank. They always live in a dangerous state. They think “how they lives” hard. I do not imagine it easily by such their lovely face. Surely… It is not possible to live only lovelily.

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