Light effect

Actias artemis aliena
Emperor moth

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

Emperor moth(Actias artemis aliena) is a large-scale, very beautiful color moth. It is an insect that has the magical charm to which is dressed very much momentarily at the time of saw the appearance. In the moth thought that Emperor moth is comparatively usual, it is possible to see also with the wall etc. of a public lavatory in the mountain. However, Enperor moth does not readily settle on the beautiful place. The discolored color shows it for some reason, besides, when I watch Enperor moth in the day. Oneself cannot convey beauty to feel on the spot even if I just take a photograph.

I had a hard time whether I cannot express this photograph well. Because I hardly moved for a subject, I would photograph it for a while and studied the photograph.

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Snake travel

It is a season of the snakes in the summer! I departed to West Japan to watch a lot of snakes. I photographed it mainly on the snake of each place while sometimes meeting a person at various places. I met 118 snakes of ten kinds. To be frank, there was haste of feelings “Because I still took up photography and the number of photographs was little, it is necessary to increase my stock”, too. It has upset my health for one and a half months afterwards though there was a big gain in this taking a picture travel. I want to take a picture while peacefully doing variously to the physical condition.

Japanese hare



Giant water bug

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Round hokkaio

Anyway, Hokkaido is wide. Because I had rounded almost in Hokkaido this time, it was exhausted. The gasoline considerably took money. However, I think that I was good because I was able to meet Viviparous lizard which was my aim. After all Burrowing ratsnake the Hokkaido product was a beautiful individual.

Winter Wren


English name unknown.

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Fruit fly

Proanoplomus japonicus
English name is unknown

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I did not think that I was fly’s companion when this insect was seen for the first time. The angle of this fly’s wing is amusing, and patterns beautiful. But I saw a face like a fly when I took it carefully. We have the image “The fly is dirty and unpleasant”. However, there are quite a lot of kinds, and a very beautiful group such as this fruit fly’s companions and Long-legged fly’s companions exists with fly’s companion, too.

The fruit fly lays an egg to a plant and damages fruit or a leaf. Therefore it tends to be known to us as an agriculture harmful insect. Dozens of minutes when Mitsu-boshi-ha-madara-mi-bae flew away later, the leaf which it was carried on withered up. I expected it whether “This fly was a kind having the larva of the type to go into the leaf ? “.

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Elaphe climacophora
Japanese Rat Snake

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

Japanese Rat Snake is good at going up the tree. It is only at a part that sees though a lot and not learnt by them.

They climb the tree, and eat bird’s chick. Some bird fanciers and bird’s those who keep hate Japanese Rat Snake. However, may we have a grudge against them?
The bird that has put the nest that is defenceless might be bad for the place to which the Japanese Rat Snake can go. The owner who has left the bird cage in the place to which the Japanese Rat Snake can go might be bad. I do buck-passing and may regard Japanese Rat Snake with hostility? Human hearts are difficult…

Recently, various problems are brought up of creature and human’s relations. I become complex feelings in every case. Related to at all and it is likely to be able to do to each life well regardless of such a thing between Japanese Rat Snake and Flea (Siphonaptera).

Will the flea on Japanese Rat Snake’s nose go out to travel?

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Pidorus atratus
English name is unkown

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


I was not good at English. An English grade was not good at me.

このホタルガ(Pidorus atratus)の記事を書こうとして、「派手だ」と書きたいのだが、インターネットの翻訳サイトは「派手」を “gay” と訳してしまう。
確かに “gay” には「派手」という意味もある。 しかしあまり公然と言いにくい意味も持っている。
I tried to write this moth’s(Pidorus atratus) article and rebuked. The translation site of the Internet translates “Hade(Japanese)” into “Gay” though I want to write the word of the meaning “He is showy”. There is certainly a meaning “Showy” in “Gay”, too. However, it has the meaning that cannot be said too much in a public way.

彼は派手な蛾だ。と書きたいのに “He is a gay moth.” と訳してしまう。これじゃ、「オス専門のガ」みたいだよね…。とりあえず、”vivid”とか、”colorful”とかに逃げておくことにしました。
I want to write “He is a showy moth.” But, translation site translates “He is a gay moth.” In this mean, it is “Moth of the male specialty. ” …It decided to write to “Vivid” or “Colorful” for the time being.

This moth(Pidorus atratus) is a moth that unique that acts in daytime. A black appearance that stands out though daytime why might be done. In addition, it might have a red head that stands out. Because it was me who was not able to understand the intention of evolution, it did. By the way, the larva secretes Poisonal liqid. Please be careful when to touch him.

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