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学校から、最近うちに来ました。イモリの幼生たち。 いつも通りのネーミングにしましたよ。 4/14。 札幌市南区の山際の池ではキャーキャーいっておりますけども。 まだ若干池の上にも雪が残っておりますけども。 やっとね。上の […]


10月はじめ、日が陰ったり風が吹くとめっきり寒くなりました。寒波が入る関係で、札幌市南区の一部は数日内にみぞれが交じる予報も一部出ています。この時期は調子崩しがちなので、ボチボチ外に出ます。外に出ると疲れちゃうので、良い […]


I went to Kitami in east hokkaido. This time became it at the end though I had regularly gone there. I will ha […]


I invited visitor from foreign country. He wanted to see owls. I was surprised his active power. He doesn&#821 […]

First field in 2009

I’ve been walking on the field the first time this year. There were a few creatures. So I tried to shoot […]


What I feel is to be seen Great spotted woodpecker usually in the plain in Hokkaido. Japanese pygmy woodpecker […]