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メリークリスマス。赤と緑のクリスマスカラー・ヤドリギは冬の貴重な緑の植物で、赤い実つけてます。天気荒れ気味なので、見れる動物少ないですね。 ハシボソガラスが食べ物探して落ち葉をガサガサ。 一方でハシブトガラスはネズミをゲ […]

Ural owl

I will be visited by American bird watcher in March. He hopes to look Ural owls. I know a few roosts which in […]

Black penguin

Corvus macrorhynchos Jungle Crow 嘴太烏(ハシブトガラス) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS Kiss DX* . この鳥は可愛いと思いますか […]

Too cold

There were a few creatures. It’s was too cold. I hope it will be snow soon. ハシブトガラス Jungle Crow サムイヨ。 寒く […]

Autamn Snow

I wanted to take photo of autumn animals. But my health is not good, I sometime went to field. In spite of Sep […]

Gray heron

Gray Heron is a summer bird in the Okhotsk district, but it is a seen bird throughout the year in Kanto region […]