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1月 2011


When I went to Chitose airport, I saw winter birds that I couldn’t saw in Jozankei. Waxwing is called &# […]


Bombycilla japonica Japanese Waxwing 緋連雀(ひれんじゃく) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS 1D MK III* . They hav […]


昨日、一般の方から情報提供いただきました。 函館市の恵山近辺でのシロマダラの2例目の情報です。 (2009年10月31日確認) 今年も恵山周辺で泊まりこむかね~。 今年の良い目標になりそうです(毎年負けてますけど~)。 […]

Flabby body

Rana pirica Ezo brown frog 蝦夷赤蛙(えぞあかがえる) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *Ricoh GX200 Macro* . Ezo brown frog hib […]

Too cold days

Last days, it was too cold in Jyozankei Sapporo. The lowest temperature was under 14F everyday. There were not […]