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7月 2010

Eggs of Japanese tree frog

I wanted to take a photo of fresh eggs of Japanese tree frog. Because those eggs became old soon, It was diffi […]


My friend came from Kanto area. He wanted to take the grass lizards photo. Later, he and I took part in other […]

Spot light

Euprepiophis conspicillatus Japanese forest ratsnake 地潜(じむぐり) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS 1D MK II […]

Many surprises

I had many surprises. But because I was not fine for my health, I was too late to update this report. アズマヒキガエル […]

Orthriophis taeniurusの亜種、pallidusの分類についての論文

I offered picture of Orthophis taeniurus schmackeri to article “Übersicht der Variationen des Orthriophi […]

To take the photo of American Bullfrog

I went to South Kanto area by airplane. I wanted to take pictures of frogs, and the purpose was done. ウシガエル Am […]