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6月 2009

Night Stalker

This is very pretty hare. It is freezing. I work as Field at night. I do not want to trouble persons, but they […]

Mysterious light

Mycena sp. Fungus sp. 星の光茸?(ホシノヒカリタケ?)(仮称) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS 1D MK III* . 沖縄本島にて発光性のキノコ数 […]

They didn’t move..

I got 7 snakes. But 6 snakes is killed on road. I took photos only 1 sanke. キタキツネ 今日の「クレクレ」 Ezo red fox ガーっと暑く […]


Goniurosaurus kuroiwae kuroiwae Kuroiwa’s ground gecko 黒岩蜥蜴擬(クロイワトカゲモドキ) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *C […]

Like a corpse

The weather of June of this year is abmormal. It was very cold. I went out to look for the snake time because […]

Dark and deep

Cyrestis thyodamas Common Map 石崖蝶(イシガケチョウ) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS 1D MK III* . 夜間に葉の裏で眠っています。 […]

faura No.24

I offered the photograph to the magazine’s calender. “faura No.24” (Japanese text only.) &nb […]

クリーパー no.47

The situation of my photo exhibition “Japanese snakes syndrome” was published as news. “Cree […]

The GPS function of the mobile phone

I caught a snake at night. I kept it to photograph the snake at noon. However, I was not able to grasp the cor […]

An effort is realized

I looked for the place where the snake seemed to be from the early spring. I was able to find the snake each t […]