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4月 2009

What a coincidence !

I went to west of Tokyo. I did field work with internet_friends. We saw 7 snakes, and met another internet_fri […]


I was interviewed from the news paper. “Jyomo newspaper”   「上毛新聞」(紙面・群馬)で、 “Japanese sn […]

From upstream

Hynobius retardatus Ezo salamander 蝦夷山椒魚(エゾサンショウウオ) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS 1D Mark III* . サンシ […]

Melty snow

I worked to out of Sapporo city. There was cold place, but sometime warm because the sun rised up. It was from […]

More than the necessity

Melanitta nigra Black Scoter 黒鴨(クロガモ) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS 1D MK III* . クロガモはほとんどの場合、海に浮いて生 […]


I collected salamander’s three egg sacks. This is used to research epidemics such as amphibians’ s […]

Nice season

The egg laying of this year’s Ezo-salamander started. エゾサンショウウオ Ezo salamander やほお! 長い冬の終焉を告げる、 エゾサンショウウ […]


Elaphe quadrivirgata Japanese Four-lined Rat snake 縞蛇(シマヘビ) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS KISS DIGIT […]