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2月 2008

Identification difficulty

In a snowstorm, I was looking at the bird. I was not able to identify it whether this bird was “Willow t […]


What I feel is to be seen Great spotted woodpecker usually in the plain in Hokkaido. Japanese pygmy woodpecker […]


Pyrrhula pyrrhula Eurasian Bullfinch 鷽(ウソ) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS 1D Mark III* . カメレオンの目が、右と左 […]


I walked with a camera after a long absence. Sapporo is a city, but there are a lot of small forests when I wa […]


Hyla japonica Japanese tree frog 日本雨蛙(ニホンアマガエル) Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ) *CANON EOS KISS DX* . コーヒーが飲みたいので […]


I offered the essay to the booklet. “News of Hometown mountain in Ome” 青梅さとやま市民会議が発行する、「青梅さとやまニュース […]

Bye-bye ome

I sent all the move luggage. I returned the landlord the rented house. I stay at the hotel afterward and will […]

Last Ome

On February 2, my last fielding in Ome look for salamander living in the mountain stream, Hida salamander. We […]