Off season

I was doing recuperation and miscellaneous affairs in
Hokkaido. I sometimes went out on a good day of the condition.
The time when the bird just end passing and does not come out very much. The mammals especially Yezo-sika-deer disappeared in particular having been in the hunting season. It was the time hard to please for fieldwork.
But it was just the time of the going up of the salmon and could meet an unexpected thing and was glad at all.

Kokanee & White spotted charr





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Snake travel

It is a season of the snakes in the summer! I departed to West Japan to watch a lot of snakes. I photographed it mainly on the snake of each place while sometimes meeting a person at various places. I met 118 snakes of ten kinds. To be frank, there was haste of feelings “Because I still took up photography and the number of photographs was little, it is necessary to increase my stock”, too. It has upset my health for one and a half months afterwards though there was a big gain in this taking a picture travel. I want to take a picture while peacefully doing variously to the physical condition.

Japanese hare



Giant water bug

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Round hokkaio

Anyway, Hokkaido is wide. Because I had rounded almost in Hokkaido this time, it was exhausted. The gasoline considerably took money. However, I think that I was good because I was able to meet Viviparous lizard which was my aim. After all Burrowing ratsnake the Hokkaido product was a beautiful individual.

Winter Wren


English name unknown.

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I decided to go out of Tokyo comparatively tuneful and to take a picture in Hokkaido. Because Hokkaido was wide, I chose not the airplane but the car. I was going to go to Hokkaido by a ferry from Ibaraki. However, for a typhoon approach, I went north by car to Aomori and took the route which was in Hokkaido. I stopped at Mt. Osore-zan of Aomori on the way and went over Tsugaru Strait by a ferry. I was not able to watch the fur seal which I expected in the sea.

Black-tailed Gull


ミズナギドリ sp.
Shearwater sp.

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