Mysterious light

Mycena sp.
Fungus sp.

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


I watched several kinds emission of light-related mushrooms in main island of Okinawa. The kind did not understand only this mushroom. This mushroom seeming to be Star light fungus
(a tentative name) according to the diary of the person who showed me this mushroom. Because it is the kind that is not yet mentioned formally, the name of this mushroom is assumed a tentative name.

The identification of the mushroom is very difficult. By my knowledge of mushroom, I hesitate about gathering them to be edible.

I was not able to understand this emission of light well. But light becomes strong and weak by temperature. I think that the enzyme and the resolution material when the mushroom resolves the decayed wood are luminiferous. What does it glitter for the purpose of ? Or was the material which it created a light-emitting material by chance ? It is interesting as for what.


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