Heteropoda venatoria
Brown Huntsman Spider

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


It is one of the weak point conquest series. Since “Like Black_Kite’s head centipede” which I introduced before.

I am weak in the creature having a leg more than six of them basically. I am weak in the spider, too. However, I came to observe “Jumping spider” recently and noticed that recognition that “I was weak in the spider whole” was wrong. However, Brown Huntsman Spider is very big. There is size of a palm. And he is very quick. I heard “He has weakened poison”, but it seems to be denied about the toxicity for the human being when I examine it on the Internet some other time.

I am weak with many legs and the quick creature. However, then I never notice unexpected charm as the subject.

I met Brown Huntsman Spider in the alley on a certain night. Because he was not active, I challenged taking a picture by the macro boldly sitting down. I set up the camera in tripod, and after the diagonal, did lighting from the furnace with the LED flashlight because I wanted to take the photograph where the length of his leg was understood though was the desire, “It was likely to make desperate efforts his being surprised when the flash was burnt from the front”. This became a little interesting photograph. As for me, overcoming cannot have done him. However, I was able to leave the record fought against him.

残す苦手は、 ゴキブリとフナムシです。今年は勝負できるでしょうか…。
My weak point to leave is a cockroach and a sea louse. Can I fight this year…?

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