Euprepiophis conspicillata
Japanese Forest Ratsnake

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

I want to reduce the person who dislikes snaking without understanding anything. I think always. Why will there be many people avoiding it in the snake? After all I think that there is the influence from a parent.

I gave the children whom I contacted curiosity for a snake. And I showed the photograph which looked love a snake. As a result, there are a lot of children who came to touch the snake. Children who have seen the appearance for parents to see the snake with a strong dislike it confronts think that it tends to recognize, “The snake is scared”, and to dislike it.

There seemed to have been an experiment with the monkey in the past. Even if the snake was suddenly shown to the monkey that grew up without seeing the snake, it seems to have shown the pretense not feared at all. However, when another ape which is the companion sees the snake and the feared appearance is witnessed, it seems to have come to be going to fear the snake from next time the monkey. Because “Snake does not have a foot, and it is strange”, the monkey does not seem to dislike a snake. It may be said that it is learning from the environment of the circumference that a monkey comes to dislike a snake.

A photograph of Japanese Forest Ratsnake which I updated this time is not a photograph for a snake to be able to give hateful people a good impression.
If anything, I think that it is the photograph which emphasized the unpleasant image that a person of the snakephobia has. Though it is not the creature which assumed that this photograph is slimy, you may receive the feeling that you did slipperily. And you cannot take in the expression of the snake by a dark feeling from this photograph at all.

But this is a favorite photograph to me. A creature shows various expressions by a viewpoint and an angle. With a photograph of an individual same as this individual, the photograph which I took by a way of different photography is this.

Elaphe(Euprepiophis) conspicillata
Japanese Forest Ratsnake

Photograph by Baikada(ばいかだ)

The impression considerably changes. When I make “Japanese snakes mobile“, it is that even a common person and a person disliking snakes put one piece of photograph which can think that “this is not scary” in the one of my being careful.

Did post of this “Darkness” feel feelings badness in you? Or, did you think that there may be feeling of quality by you? I think, you are “One where it likes equivalent snake” when it is the latter.

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