Vulpes vulpes schrencki
Ezo red fox

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

An unpleasant creatures to exist is called “Nuisance” though it is not harmful. For example, non-biting midges. They do not suck the blood, but crowd in large quantities. They may enter our eyes and mouth. For example, ladybug. They crowd in autumn and come over in the house of the forest relationship.

The nuisance need not be exterminated. Therefore, the commodity concerning exterminating is few.

However, they are said that it will harm for the person who feeling them very unpleasantly.

Lovely fox is not harmful in the person who live in a city. However, is the fox a nuisance in the meaning that they leave in the neighborhood of the deer-foot like a photograph?

They hunt for garbage, and there is possibility of the echinococcus mediation harm, in the suburbs. They are a harmful animal.

A harmful animal, a nuisance, an useful animal. The how to call is how looked down on from human’s eyes to call. Even if they are harmful even if they are unpleasant, the DNA of the creature has inconvenient information for a human.

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