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Rhacophorus schlegelii
Schlegel’s Green Tree Frog

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)

A photograph is Schlegel’s green tree frog which there is with my appearance well. This frog gains the name that is not Japanesque of “Schlegel”, but, not a exoticism species, it is the frog which is in Japan from old days. Because the scholar “Schlegel” had discovered it, such a name was given.

It is not unexpectedly found easily though it is a very familiar Schlegel’s green tree frog wiht us. I do a croak of them very a lot, but hear the voice from a levee of a rice field. We cannot easily watch a figure probably because they go into soil. But, because they come out at night and are active, it is easy to watch it. Because there was that a photograph did amplexus from the day, I took them slowly.

When I move in Ome, Forest Green Tree Frog (Rhacophorus arboreus) also lives around here. The difference with the Schlegel’s green tree frog is red the iris when maturing, rough the granulated powder of the skin, and the paddle’s difference of a little largeness and live on the tree etc… However, there is a halfway individual, and I have the thing that worries because of identification. Especially, Forest Green Tree Frog in the Tohoku region seems to be like to the Schlegel’s green tree frog well.
What I cannot instantaneously identify it should be captured, and I have a hard time, too.

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