Pidorus atratus
English name is unkown

Photograph by Baikada (ばいかだ)


I was not good at English. An English grade was not good at me.

このホタルガ(Pidorus atratus)の記事を書こうとして、「派手だ」と書きたいのだが、インターネットの翻訳サイトは「派手」を “gay” と訳してしまう。
確かに “gay” には「派手」という意味もある。 しかしあまり公然と言いにくい意味も持っている。
I tried to write this moth’s(Pidorus atratus) article and rebuked. The translation site of the Internet translates “Hade(Japanese)” into “Gay” though I want to write the word of the meaning “He is showy”. There is certainly a meaning “Showy” in “Gay”, too. However, it has the meaning that cannot be said too much in a public way.

彼は派手な蛾だ。と書きたいのに “He is a gay moth.” と訳してしまう。これじゃ、「オス専門のガ」みたいだよね…。とりあえず、”vivid”とか、”colorful”とかに逃げておくことにしました。
I want to write “He is a showy moth.” But, translation site translates “He is a gay moth.” In this mean, it is “Moth of the male specialty. ” …It decided to write to “Vivid” or “Colorful” for the time being.

This moth(Pidorus atratus) is a moth that unique that acts in daytime. A black appearance that stands out though daytime why might be done. In addition, it might have a red head that stands out. Because it was me who was not able to understand the intention of evolution, it did. By the way, the larva secretes Poisonal liqid. Please be careful when to touch him.

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